Michelin star on the Amstel! 212 a new classic

212 is a relatively new restaurant on, as the name indicates😉, Amstel 212. The chefs are from Bord’Eau and I’ve actually tried the restaurant already twice. So the first time was a bit of a miss. The concept of the restaurant is that you sit around the bar and see all the food being prepared…with the exception that there’s a table not on the bar by the entrance which honestly shouldn’t be a table the team reserves. So with this in mind the first experience wasn’t good, the food was amazing but the atmosphere being places next to the dishes…-10 unfortunately. So not being too difficult I returned a few months later with my love in hand and the experience now was AMAZING! When they called to confirm the reservation I specifically asked to sit actually at the bar/kitchen, and not only did I get that I got THE best spot at the bar!

The food was again amazing, and we paired it with a lovely bottle of white Rioja, my new favorite alcoholic beverage together with champagne! The menu is a set one and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. The whiskey sour ice cream was amazing for desert and my love, who’s a whiskey sour fan, told the head chef he loved the ice cream so he got two more servings. The chefs were having fun behind the counter and you could feel it in the food, only one of the new chefs was a bit nervous but who wouldn’t be! If you want a special treat for someone you love…you have to visit 212!

Website: http://212.amsterdam/

Address: Amstel 212, 1017 AH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Category: One of the best in Amsterdam and personally I’d recommend it for a special occasion for two, maybe an anniversary! Be ready for a very good wine selection