The best restaurants for any occassion in Amsterdame

This is probably the most common question I get in my life! Bea, you’re a foodie so where should we go to eat in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona, New York…you name it. Not beating around the bush have several lists on my mobile of the “must go” places in Amsterdam and I thought I’d just share it with you as well! Enjoy and if you make it to the end of the list you’ll have experienced a majority of the best places in Amsterdam!

Evening restaurants:

Vis Aan De Schelde – one of my favorite fish restaurants in town! It’s one of the first restaurants my boyfriend took me to and it still holds a very dear place in my heart. The food is always amazing and the ambience lovely

De Wilde Zwjinen – East side of town fantastic restaurant, been around a few years, a little bit more casual but still fantastic

De Kas – a restaurant in a hot house, they only use local produce

Guts & Glory – ask to sit at the bar. They have a fixed menu they change every quarter, right now if I remember it’s the Brittany one, but all the menus have been great. Trivia, I haven’t missed a single one!

Restaurant Moon– revolving restaurant on the North side of the city in the Adam Toren, great food, less great service but still worth a visit

212 – Michelin star experience – recently opened and already a classic, I’ll review this one separately because it’s a once in a lifetime experience

Café Bern – if you fancy down to earth fondue – a drink on Niewumarkt is always nice and a stroll through the Chinese quarters

Chin chin club – restaurant goes into club

Harbor Club– great sushi and a restaurant where you can go from borrel, to dinner to night club

Izakaya – great Asian restaurant, again sitting at the bar is the best experience in my opinion:-).

Ron Blaauw Gastrobar – classic in the South, good if you’re in the mood for meat. It should be said it’s lost a lot of it’s quality in the past few years but the menu is still nice and given the big location also easier to get a table

Maris Piper – sister restaurant of Guts & Glory

Pendergast – American comfort food

Bar Alt – new spot in town, haven’t had a chance to try yet but I’m sure you’ll get a separate review at some point

Bougainville – classic French cuisine in a newly opened art deco inspired hotel. Feels a bit like going back into the prohibition era in the 20ies in a very nice way. Food is classic and very high standard.

Breakfast and brunch spots:

Seafood Bar – packed with seafood and good after a day of shopping. They have three locations and they’re all pretty good but the Van Baerle one is definitely my favorite

Little Collins – Australian local brunch spot, always busy and loud. Try the spicy bloody Mary’s!

De Foodhallen -the food market, lots of different things to chose from but the Bitterballen stands and the specialized Gin & Tonic bar is probably my favorites

Teds – multiple locations around town and all day brunch – just dig in!

Krasnapolsky Hotel – also have the White room for dinner but I think this restaurant is a little overhyped and too stiff for my liking, better enjoy lunch in the lunchroom

Sunday boogie brunch at JD Williams last Sunday every month if you happen to be in town the last week of the month, also obviously good if you just want to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey before or after dinner

Baut Paradijs – nice lunch spot on the south side of town, Baut pops up here and there around town and always serves a classic menu with some twists

The avocado show – as the name says only avocado, expect a long waiting list!

Meatless District – Bilderdijkstraat 65-67

Cut throat barber Beursplein – brunch until 15.30 so it needs to be an early one (at least for me!) but portions are ample!

Pluk – busy lunch spot in the nine streets

Jansz– good both for dinner and lunch and part of Pulitzer Hotel. Trivia, the entrance is an old pharmacy, amazing ambience and also a menu for the more health conscious

Hippie Fish Zandvoort – outside the city on the beach, so a bit of a drive but the beach is beautiful

Bars: (usually the best option is just to go into a local brown café to enjoy a Heineken or two but if you’re in the mood for some proper cocktails check out below:

Pulitzer Bar– classic and always amazing cocktails, mixed to perfection

Van Puffelen – nice local bar with bar snacks – maybe visit Vyne next door for a super dinner or lunch?

Five brothers fat – champagne bar

Twenty third bar – Top floor of the Okura hotel – great view of the city – small bar, expensive cocktails and a bit of New York feeling

Marcella – truly local brown café, popular with writers and sitting on the Amstelveld is one of the best areas in town

Hiding in plain sight – old classic

House Bar – great cocktails

Butcher Bar – this is a bar hiding behind a snack bar, you’ll need a code from Izakaya restaurant to go through a hidden door in the back…enter a code…and then you’re in!

To Do:

Go tot he beach is actually a fantastic experience, I like to go to Noordwijk, maybe even stay the night at the

Visit the new vibrant west, I love Javastraat which is a new street with lots of little bars, café’s and shops

Ouderkerk – if the weather is nice rent a bike or scooter and go up the Amstel to Oudekerk, once there enjoy lunch at Ron Blaauw’s Indonesian restaurant, the rijstafel is big and yummy!