Chilling it riviera style

so it’s been a long long time, mostly because of some reason the WordPress app didn’t work for ages and I was too lazy to get it sorted out!

But now we’re back and now it’s summer! Week before last I spent most of the week in Cannes during the Cannes Lions. One perk of my job is I am blessed to be able to go to great places around the world and talk to insoring people. There was particularly one meeting I loved though but can’t say which😉.

i hasn’t been in Cannes for almost three years though and it is really amazing. During the festival the whole beach gets rebuilt between Facebook, google and Pinterest beaches! The agencies hang out on the terrace of Martinez or the Carlton. Cannes is all about gold and glitz and ridiculous amounts of rose…but it well worth going to once in a lifetime! If you do…try to score a visit on a yacht, are all you’re on a boat!