Oyoyoy it’s been a while…

…but here’s the latest flag of my life! So I should write two posts in one but let’s start with the right here and right now. As we speak I’m in Marrakech with a girlfriend. We made the trip as part of her 40 things to do when I turn 40 last year. One of her wishes was a trip with yours truly. As the love of my life has no interest in going to morocco and I’ve always been intrigued by Marrakech we decided to head here.

First things first I booked us into a lovely riad called Riad Nashira & Spa. Excellent choice if I may say so. The riad is right in the middle of the bustling medina, but as with most riads, the second you step off the street the tranquility and calm hits you. So far I’ve done both a hamam and massage and I’m planning on another one today! Check out a few pictures of the riad below!

The purpose of the trip was mostly to soak up some sun and the weather in Marrakech has been perfect! But I’d also recommend getting your shopping groove in! We’ve both hit the medinas small street shops (prepare for slightly annoying salesmen though, and at times I didn’t quite feel safe in the media mazes), and the high end stores like Max & Jan where I went a little wild on shopping.

The food is of course also amazing and very affordable so all in all I’d recommend Marrakech for a long weekend break!