Joel Robuchon l’Etoile

Last weekend we went back to an old favorite in Paris, Joel Robuchons Paris restaurant in l’Atelier Etoile. He has two different restaurants in Paris and both of them have the concept of tasting menus at the bar. It’s a little bit of a flashback to the eighties and the food is simple in flavors and extremely well executed. We also downed it with a bottle of Joel’s own selection of rose☺️…nomnomnom. As it so happens I’m off to France on vacation today so there will be more foodie pictures coming soon! 

We had everything from vitello tonato, sole to polpo carpaccio. Oh and the smoothest mashed potatoes I think I’ve ever soon! 


Address: Publicis Drugstore, 133 Av. Des Champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris

Category: Michelin awarded fine dining. Prepare a good few hours of relaxation and an empty stomach, then you’re ready for a visit to Joel!