Biarritz, the French version of San Sebastian

So I think I shared a while back my passion for San Sebastián. Footnote THE best place in the world for food! Well this week took me to Biarritz on a little work trip and I have to say Biarritz isn’t shabby either😉.

It’s a small town so you pretty much walk through it in an hour, there are lovely restaurants on the beach. It’s the place where I think a lot of affluent locals go for the summer or a weekend. And the foreigners flock here to surf! Just some pictures below of lovely Biarritz! I’m sorry I can’t share any brilliant food tips as I was lucky enough to hang out with some locals so completely forgot to jot it down, but I did try sampling a lot of food from the food market. Mostly locally produced and delicious😋

Oh and on my flight home I was reading the inflight magazine which stated “1 in 10 Europeans were conceived in an IKEA bed”, well what do you know…I had no idea #trivia