The subtle art of not giving a fuck

So I do generally give a fuck but this week took me to Biarritz (not the easiest flight connection from Amsterdam by the way for a one day visit!), and because I had connecting flights I picked up the boom “The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson. Although a bit of a self help book it was quite entertaining. Manson talks about the fact that people today run away from pain and actually feeling defeat, which in turn means that they also feel very entitled to have a great life. And he also talks about the fact that people today because of our use of social media and constantly hyping ourselves and other up end up with always wanting more and never being really happy…quite a nice few hour read that gives you a little good for thought. It’s a quick read as well, so you’ll cover it off in a day or two on a medium length flight! 

Other than that I’ve really struggled with my Esther as of late so I’m going to take a bit of punishment later in the week…upside though is that I’ve started my personal training and loving it! I’m already legpressing 150kg and 70kg squats so setting the target high on this..

If nayone wondered the flight from Madrid to Biarritz is effectively a jump and a hop away so you never go up on properly cruising altitude so here’s a picture from the week…