Juicing it…

So I’ve been juicing for the past four days and lemme tell you that’s no picnic. I went to the Cold Pressed Juicery here in Amsterdam on Willemparksweg.

They do a 1-5 day juice fast which is either soft, medium or hard. Jumping straight in I went for a medium…admittedly I’d never done it before so maybe this was a bit optimistic. Luckily my better half in life was there to support me so after wanting to quit four hours into it the first day he kept me going! And it was a bit a thought going, I wasn’t particularly feeling hungry most of the days, that only set in properly on day 4, but my energy level was horrible and I had a non stop headache from day 2. To be perfectly honest I believe in the concept of detoxing by the juices were just so horrible tasting. Especially the morning shots!! And the feeling of energy and rejuvenation wasn’t really there. Net sum I’m happy I did it, probably not going to do it again, and now I will return to balanced eating according to my house guru Esther! 

Website: https://www.thecoldpressedjuicery.com/