Roses Cantina, Mexican on Regulierdwaarsstraat!

So I’ll start by saying that generally when I feel like Mexican I will 99% of the time opt for Los Pilones, preferably their first location on Kerkstraat. But this weekend I tried out Roses Cantina on Regulierdwaarsstraat. It’s a great location, a perfect place to take dinner to a club feeling and the food is solid. Unfortunately when we went there it was the bartenders first day so the margarita glasses were practically entirely covered in salt as opposed to a salty brim. I tried out some nachos, chorizo tortilla and a classic chevice. Everything was super fresh, the nachos were home made and the ceviche had a perfect balance of your, salty and sea!

Roses Cantina is probably something for you if you want to take your friends out for a night of chatting, sharing food and some strong drinks! Service is also good.  Below are a couple of the delicious  ceviches.


Address: Regulierdwaarsstraat 38-40, 1017BM Amsterdam

Category: Party place for a group of friends with reasonably priced and good quality food