New bar on Marie Heinekenplein – Ecole

Some of you may remember Vrienden on 

The location is a bit big so it has to be quite busy to get a cosy feeling. The new owners have rebuilt it but it’s hard to make such a big space intimate.

So what about the food? Ecole targets straight forward French cuisine. You can get a good steak, an affordable bottle of wine and some oysters here. Unfortunately I tried the oysters and although they were good they hadn’t been cleaned correctly so I had to send them back. If you want tl visit Ecole i would do that on a Sunny dat when you van really take advatage of their spacious terrace!  

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  • Address:
  • Marie Heinekenplein 33

  • Category: Casual drinks in the sun on the terrace and some hapjes or quick bite to eat with the friends for instance before a movie