The best airlines in the world

…well to be fair I haven’t tried all airlines in the world but I’ve tried my fair share clocking in on almost 200 flights in the past five years. So of course I have to give the airlines a bit of a review. When you start flying almost every week service, food, aircrafts and general accessibility and helpfulness of your airlines will start to matter. You don’t want to stand in line for hours waiting to get into the plane, only to realize your seat is broken and on a three hour flight you’re only served coffee or water! 

SAS – the efficient airline. You get to the gate, and because SAS promises they are the most punctual airline in the world. This is true granted, but it’s slightly offset by unfriendly staff that basically only serves you a cup of coffee, under duress, for a flight between Stockholm and Amsterdam for instance. The rest are add-one you have to pay for…but ok the planes are new and fresh so they’ll get you there and in the meantime you’re on a minor diet which means you can indulge more on location…assuming you’re going to a location with good food….below beautiful sunset from Arlanda in Stockholm.

KLM – the royal airline, well I’d more call it the “gezellig” (loosely translated cosy) airline. KLM has great food, bad check in service online but on the other hand always super friendly staff and you always feel welcome on KLM. The airplanes are not the best condition in terms of age, but this is partially compensated by great frequent flyer benefits. Benefits for gold for instance include, priority boarding, wide access to lounges around the world (I’ve never come across a city that doesn’t have a KLM Gold Crown Lounge. Food is fantastic particularly in business class, and when you fly business class you always get one of the little ceramic Delft canal houses filled with jenever. 

Alitalia – never seen an Alitalia flight leave on time, on the other hands all planes are always well designed and great condition. What else do you expect from the Italians?

Delta – where do I start on Delta, bad food, ancient airplanes that make you wonder if you will ever reach your final destination

Swiss – classic Swiss and always delivers. Generally on time, brand new airplanes, good extra features i.e. good and efficient boarding, little chocolate before you disembark the airplane. Only downside the perks of the frequent flyer program only applies in Switzerland. If you’re flying from any other country in the world you status is fully worthless and I’m already on the second from highest level! I mean couldn’t I at least get lounge access after a hundred flights?!

Below are a couple of my flight shots. The KLM flight I took to Cape Town last year featured food from Librije in business class. I’ve never had better business class food…to be contrasted by bee low Alitalia selection I encountered recently when flying to Rome.