Taverna Trilussa in Romes Trastevere

About last night I went to Taverna Trilussa in Trastevere area in Rome. Trilussa is an old well known establishment in Rome that serves classic Italian food with some Roman specialities. In general I would recommend seeking out the Trastevere area as it’s packed with good restaurants. But watch out for the tourist traps! 

I opted for a charcuterie and fried mozzarella starter followed by a cheese and tomato gnocchi. Unfortunately I don’t have the Italian style of eating so I can’t manage antipasti, primi and secondi, so the steak below was left almost out touched…

The price level at Trilussa is good, a good pasta for €20, meat and fish for €30 and the house bottle of wine around €25-30. The wine selection is a bit special though and you can easily find a €300 Amarone so if you’re looking for a truly good wine you’ll definitely find it here. 

  • Website: www.tavernatrilussa.it
  • Address: Via deal Politeama 23/25, 00153 Roma
  • Category: Classic Italian taverna with fantastic food and good wine selection, when you want to have a romantic date or family dinner but not break the bank