Restaurant MOS, fine dining in the new area of Amaterdam!

Restaurant MOS is slightly hidden away on the IJdok in Amsterdam so it’s not the first place you generally think of to go for a fine dining experience unless you live in the neighborhood, but I actually went there today for lunch by means of invitation as it were. MOS has both a set menu with wine pairing as well as an ala carte menu, but to keep it simple and because it sounded delicious I went for the set menu. It was kicked off with a radish amuse to cleanse your pallet before it moved over to sea bass, sole and finished off with a lamb. All dishes were perfectly executed! Tastes are refined and delicate and one dish flows to another perfectly. Extra plus points for serving the bread with both oil and butter, I’m easy that way just a small gesture to show they appreciate different customers preferences. 

You won’t walk away overly full though, it’s fine dining so although I had the three course lunch menu with an amuse bouche to kick things off with I left just the right amount of full!

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  • Address: IJdok 185
  • Category: Try MOS out it you either feel like a very refined business lunch or dinner or indeed if you have something to celebrate! Advanced cooking with pure ingredients