Fancy getting fit in Amsterdam?

If you don’t want to bike everywhere in Amsterdam (which I don’t because I prefer my scooter…) you might need to head to a gym to get some fitness going! I love heading to the gym even though I’m not exactly a gym rat, and I try to get at least three sessions in every week. So I thought I’d put down some of my favorite places in Amsterdam to workout.


Firstly my local gym Sportcity . Sportcity has locations all over Amsterdam and they have both well equipped gyms with a lot of both loose weights and machines as well as a packed agenda of classes ranging from Les Milles classes to Zumba and body and mind classes. If you’re Swedish like me this gym would equate to the Swedish SATS gym concept. Personally I tend to go to the Waterlooplein location which has just undergone a bit of a facelift! Get a subscription for a year or two and you’ll save a lot of money versus the monthly membership but all depends on how regularly and how long you’re planning on gyming!

Soda Bodyfit

If you want to spend a bit more cash head to Soda Bodyfit on Falckstraat 11. Soda is a personal trainer gym which means you can only train here with a personal trainer which of course also means there are no monthly or annual memberships, but the hourly rate is steep if you go regularly. On the other hand they have the latest machines and fitness technology, and if you really need to maximize your beach body potential this is the place to go! Small gym, great trainers and focused on results!

Rocky Fit

Rocky Fit is again a personal trainer gym, but the focus here is less on the machines and more classic kick-boxing and getting the maximum out of your exercising just using your body weight and some sometimes painfully effective exercises. Think HIIT style with a million squats and burpees, but it certainly does the trick! Rocky Fit has one location on Albert Cuypsstraat where they train three days a week so it can be hard to get a slot, but if you do the trainers are absolutely great! Think old school Rocky Balboa  in a super cool old boxing school on Albert Cuypsstraat. If you have kids they also have kids classes throughout the week and during the summer they take the training outside with boot camps!


But ultimately if you want to go for a power walk or run go to Vondelpark. I try to get a proper power walk into my schedule every week and what beats a walk in a city park with below view? The big lap is around 4 km but there are loads of courses to chose from so take an afternoon to explore Vondelpark. As a bonus they have spots throughout the park where you can stop to do some strength training.